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Ecologix Founder, Jenny Griffin, exploring Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, while attending the 5th International Penguin Conference

Exploring Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, while attending the 5th International Penguin Conference

Hi, I’m Jenny Griffin, freelance writer, copywriter, editor, web developer, and Founder of Ecologix Environmental Media Services.

A marine biologist and conservation ecologist by training, I have a natural passion for nature, animals, and the ocean, and a strong desire to educate others and create awareness of environmental, conservation, and animal welfare issues.

I held the position of Environmental Education Coordinator at the Kommetjie Environmental Awareness Group for two years, working with local schools in the Kommetjie area of Cape Town, and later worked for the Overberg Conservation Foundation as a node-coordinator in my area on the Eco-Schools program, assisting local schools with the implementation of hands-on environmental education projects. This program is supported by the Wildlife & Environmental Society of Southern Africa together with the World Wildlife Fund.

I spent eight years working as a research officer at the Marine Biology Research Institute and the Avian Demography Unit of the Zoology Department at the University of Cape Town, where I conducted research on rocky shore ecosystems and the breeding biology of the endangered African penguin. During this stint I undertook a research cruise along the West coast of South Africa, assisting with marine biological sampling (once I had found my sea legs!). I coordinated a national research program monitoring ecosystem dynamics of rocky shores around the South African coastline, and assisted with bird ringing and penguin ringing activities, penguin monitoring, and seabird (primarily penguin) rehabilitation following oiling. I also assisted with the running of an Earthwatch penguin research program on Robben Island – a voluntourism initiative that both funds research of endangered animals, while providing non-scientists the unique opportunity to conduct hands-on biological research in the field alongside trained biologists.

While working at the University of Cape Town I participated in several Science Communication and Science Writing workshops and courses that focused on communicating science to a non-scientific audience. Consequently, I enjoy writing about science and scientific discoveries, conveying often complex research into engaging articles that the non-scientist can easily understand.

I have a keen interest in issues related to environmental health, water quality, and climate change, and am proud to be associated with The Climate Emergency Institute as a contributing writer and environmental education consultant. I am a contributing writer for several online magazines and blogs; my work has also appeared in Africa – Environment & Wildlife, EnviroKids, Quest: Science for Africa, Bird Numbers, Out There, Animal Talk, The Motorist, PE Post, and the False Bay Echo.

I have worked with animals all my life, having owned my own pet shop, dog grooming parlor, and educational mobile petting zoo. I have traveled to far-flung places to study wildlife, to explore wild unspoilt places, and to experience different cultures. I currently reside on a smallholding with my extensive menagerie of rescued animals, which is in itself a full-time job. When I am not writing or caring for my animals, I can be found surfing the waves at my local beach, or spending time with my horses.

As an environmentalist, I try to practice what I preach by living as green a life as possible, and to that end strive to reduce the environmental impact of my business operations too.
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Certificate in Freelance Journalism

Diploma in Nature Conservation

BSc (Honours) Degree in Zoology (Marine Biology)


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